Rita’s Words

Dear Dianne, Kelly, Taylor and Reid,

We give you our most sincere condolences and deepest sympathy with the very tragic and sudden passing of your wonderful daughter and sister Lindsay. It still seems unimaginable and we are sure to you as a family, almost unbearable at times.

We have been watching Lindsay's website grow, and with much credit to Lindsay's own intergrity and the endless strength and dedication of your very stong family, we believe her Legacy will proudly live on, to help and touch the lives of many others, as was her ultimate dream, intent and obvious ability.

The "Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Fund" will be a great inspiration and help to others and is a beautiful ribute to Lindsay and to the "Daffodil Principle"

With much love and support,

Brian, Rita, Curtis, Marla, Breanne and Garret

When I was reading Lindsay's Valedictorian speech, I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least, where she talked about:

"The more we accomplish in life the less we have to regret."

"We need to strive to live our lives so that, when our time has come, we can leave happily, knowing that we accomplished everything that we could in our short time on earth."

These are ver tall words to live up to and Lindsay didn't just talk the words ~ she did live them ~ to the fullest.

Bittersweet as it is, I have to agree with Taylor that there must be some comfort in knowing that Lindsay must have been, "happy and content with no regrets" because she did live her beliefs and did do as much as she could and more it seemed.

I also think that when the waves of sadness of her loss hit you over and over again, sometimes even without warning, you need to keep Lindsay's words nearby , especially these:

"I wish you all of the happiness in the world, no matter which path your life takes. Remember to follow your dreams, be true to yourself and reach for the stars in everything that you do."

That is very clearly what Lindsay did herself and what she would wish for each of you to continue doing ~ especially with her gone. She is a huge inspiration in your lives and in many others.

You were Blessed to have her and she was Blessed to have all of you.

Thinking of you often,

Rita and Family

Lindsay’s Quotes

"Explore, travel, discover, truth, believe."
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