The Trilogy

This 28 minute video created and produced by Oliver Obermeier of S.O.K. Adventures chronicles 3 ascents of Mount Kilimanjaro in the years 2007, 2008, and 2009. In the summer of 2007 Lindsay travelled to Tanzania to do a medical elective in hospitals and clinics in DarEsSalaam and Arusha.

Following completion of her elective she set out on “her adventure” to climb Kilimanjaro with medical school friends, Jess, Jon, and will. Despite many setbacks including a severe case of bronchitis Lindsay and her friends stood on the rooftop of Africa on August 1, 2007. After Lindsay’s passing in February of 2008, Kelly and Dianne’s friend Mitch Makarchuk mentioned that he was going to Africa to climb Kili. Carrying a special package from the Kimmett family to be left at the summit, Mitch along with Kelly and Oliver Obermeier and Lucie Rempal completed “their mission” on Mother’s Day 2008. In July of 2009 the Kimmett family, Kelly,Dianne, Taylor, and Reid along with Lindsay’s uncle Doug Stauffer set out on “the pilgrimage” to the magical mountain.

On August 1, 2009 exactly two years after Lindsay reached the top, the rest of her family stood as one with her on Uhuru Peak, closer to the one they love. The package taken to the top by Mitch was retrieved and replaced with a new one. The climb of Kilimanjaro was an unforgettable journey physically, emotionally, and spiritually as were the safaris in Tanzania and the visit to Zanzibar following Lindsay’s footsteps from 2 years earlier. The Kimmett family wishes to thank Oliver and Kelly from the bottom of our hearts for engineering this incredible trip and video.

Should you ever wish to go on the trip of your lifetime please contact Oliver or Kelly at S.O.K. Adventures 403-537-0639

Lindsay’s Quotes

"Explore, travel, discover, truth, believe."
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