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“In the summer of 2006 Lindsay spent 6 weeks in Tanzania, Africa completing two medical school electives in the capitol city of DarEsSalaam and the town of Arusha. Lindsay was genuinely touched by the lack of facilities, personnel, and education in Tanzania, yet the healthcare workers made the most of what they had. To aid in the education of Tanzania’s future physicians the Kimmett family has shipped Lindsay’s medical textbooks to Herbert Kairuki Memorial University and Hospital. Pictured with Lindsay’s textbooks are faculty and lecturers at the university. During her spare time in Tanzania in 2006, Lindsay visited Masai villages, went on a safari, and summitted the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro”

Dear Kelly and Dianne: RE: DEPARTURE OF LINDSAY LEIGH KIMMETT, AND THE SHARING OF HER ILLUMINANCE WITH THE WORLD: ACKNOWLEDGING RECEIPT OF HER MEDICAL TEXTBOOKS We have, with profound sorrow, received the sad news about the untimely departure of your precious daughter, Lindsay.  Kindly receive our heartfelt condolences! We have received with deepest appreciation, the many, priceless, excellent medical textbooks sent as a gift to our Medical University, a kind deed that will go a long way towards sustaining her legacy of sharing the best she had, with the world!  We sincerely thank you for the books! We have, with a keen eye, read the touching story of her brief but glittering life: full of amazing achievements (including conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania: Africa’s rooftop); full of love for others; and also abundantly blessed with the virtue of sharing!  We thank you for the story: so beautifully and inspiringly written! We have viewed the website as per address you have inserted in each of the book gifts, and we are convinced that Lindsay’s life is a light of the world (Matthew 5:14).  Her life, and her legacy, will inspire both our University students and staff members! We took pictures at the ceremony of handing over the gift of books to our University Library.  We are attaching the pictures to this letter for your records.  The books are most deeply appreciated by our students and lecturers.  And, as you may know, our University has attracted medical students from many other African countries.  Thus Africa, at large, will benefit from Lindsay’s legacy, shared through our University. May God continue to give you sustained strength as you move on positively, energized by a nostalgic satisfaction, that Lindsay completed her short journey with us: faithfully and gloriously! With best regards, Mrs. Kokushubila Kairuki Chairperson MMHEN

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