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I would like to begin by saying that this is not a typical eulogy. Although I feel deep sorrow, as I know everyone else does, this is not what I will be speaking about. I will be sharing family memories of Lindsay, and I invite you to join us in the celebration of her life.

Taylor’s Eulogy

Written by admin. Posted in Eulogies

When my mom and dad approached me about speaking today I was quite apprehensive and to be honest I was terrified.


So I began to think what I wanted to say and how I could possibly find the words to honor such a wonderful sister. It came to me that maybe the best way for me to honor her would be to relive one of her greatest accomplishments and something that we are all so proud of her for. So I have chosen to read some excerpts from her valedictorian address from her high school graduation in 1999. I have to apologize though as the last person who was in this gym reading this had far better grades than me and was much better looking.

Lindsay’s Quotes

"All roads lead to Rome"
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