On February 17, 2008 all of our lives were devastated in an instant with Lindsay’s tragic passing as a seat belted passenger in a single vehicle rollover 700 metres from the safety of our family home gateway. Everyday we wrestle with the question “Why” and we are frustrated there is no answer to our question. As a family we have been faced with a multitude of heart wrenching decisions and one of the most difficult in coming to terms with Lindsay’s death was the placement of her memorial. There was and is a horrible finality to this task. It really is forever. We asked family and friends to contribute words they associated with Lindsay and her life that we would have etched in to her memorial stone After receiving hundreds of words the family settled on 25 as an appropriate number and we humbly thank everyone for their contributions. All of Lindsay’s words mean so much to us and all are kept in a special place in Lindsay’s library. The front of Lindsay’s memorial states “The world is a book” and this is how Lindsay lived her life, always learning, always experiencing, always loving, always. The rest of the quote from St Augustine is “those who do not travel read only a page.” The Kimmett family pledges to continue Lindsay’s travels and dedicates our journeys to honor her. We encourage all to broaden their horizons and hope they will join us in collecting pebbles from all corners of the world to leave for Lindsay at her final resting place.

We as Lindsay’s parents are completely consumed with sorrow at her untimely passing but in an attempt to move forward positively we have a great desire to carry on her legacy. She was an academic and so we want to encourage other youth to reach their potential by the establishment of enduring scholarships both at the High School and University level. She loved children and we are committed to supporting local youth programs in Cochrane. She shared a passion for all things medical with her Mom and thus we hope to offer the U of C Medical School technical tools to enhance the education of the physicians of tomorrow. She shared a love of sports with her Dad and so we want to assist with local sporting facilities and enduring sponsorships for hockey players who could not normally afford to play. We truly hope that the gifts from Lindsay’s foundation will assist others to SEIZE THE DAY.


Mr. Denis Marcial

Mr. Ron Jacobsen