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Kraft Celebration Tour 2012

KRAFT CELEBRATION TOUR 2012 WAY TO GO COCHRANE! YOU MADE US PROUD!!!!!! KRAFT CELEBRATION SHOWCASES COMMUNITY SPIRIT BY NOEL EDEY Updated 18 days ago The excitement created by the Kraft Celebration Tour was a two-way street. While residents were thrilled to get up close and personal with the dynamic duo of TSN's Kate Beirness and Darren Dutchyshen, you could tell the feeling was mutual. The Kraft sponsored celebration is far more than a chance to earn $25,000 for your community. It doubles as a cross-Canada exchange. The 35-plus people who made up the TSN team coming to Cochrane were thrilled with the opportunity to visit our community. Most were from Ontario and Quebec and for many it was their first visit to Western Canada. Their interest was genuine. Cochrane, too, had a chance to really stop and reflect what to present when it hit the national spotlight last week. Anyone touring the grounds of Mitford Pond would recognize instantly that this is a community with a great deal of pride, a tremendous amount of ambition and a strong sense of values. Of course, the money does come in handy and thanks to the contribution of community-minded businesses and residents it will stretch even further. Event organizer Kelly Kimmett is confident with the help of the town they will be able to turn the money raised into as much as $100,000 in improvements to Mitford Pond. That will go a long way to work through the list that has been compiled. As Kelly reminds us, little [...]



CONTRIBUTIONS Cochrane’s Yelnats Cup midget tournament, which has been running for 11 years, once again made sizeable $5,000 donations to both the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation and the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sport Centre. The funds for the rec centre will go towards putting a speaker system in Totem 3. Top: Daphne Meulenbeld,Cindy Begg, George Hart, Dianne Kimmett and Christina Singeris accept a cheque for the Kimmett foundation. Bottom: John Clarkson,Meulenbeld, Begg, Hart, Singeris and Robin Mitchell accept the cheque for the sports centre. The Yelnats tournament is set to run again March 24-27. Special thanks to Gryzko, Harper, Bouw Chartered Accountants for donating $5700.00 to the foundation with proceeds from their second annual “Poker Tournament Fundraiser” Some more of “LIndsay’s Kids” will be hitting the ice next September!



LOSING A LOVED ONE This message contributed by Lindsay’s Aunt Brenda was written by 21 year old Melissaa Christinee who lost a young family friend Daniel Savage who died on his birthday in a gravel pit. If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. A.A Milne Winnie The Pooh In this life, I don't think there is anything that causes more ache than losing a loved one. The pain it brings puts physical hurt practically on a pedestal, and goes beyond mental devastation. For death is something that we cannot reverse, something that we cannot mend, something that seems to steal away and rob us of one of the most unique and non replicable wonders known to man — the soul of someone we consider our friend, our family. Death leaves us trying to fill a void that seems dark, hollow, and virtually empty. Those moments when all you can feel, all that you want to hear, is the laugh or smile of those who are no longer here. When you would give every dollar you own to just spend a day in that same comfort of their presence. When you see a picture of their face, and their eyes, and their voice echoes in your memory making you sink into nostalgia. An old piece of clothing, their scent still lingering in a seemingly unfair way. Unfair because our mind cannot grasp the fact that they are [...]


Monumental Hockey Song

Lindsay started to skate at a young age and eventually joined the figure skating club in 1988 but quickly informed her parents that ringette was going to be her game on skates. Her first team was the 1989 -1990 Cochrane Novice Ring Rockers and from there Lindsay played on Cochrane teams for 9 years before ending her ringette career with various Calgary teams up to 2001. In 2002 while attending the University of Calgary, Lindsay decided to take up the sport of hockey and tried out for the Dinosaurs with her cousin Kelsey. It was quite a transition going from ringette to hockey but she worked extremely hard, taking power skating classes, going to hockey camps, and practicing and playing as much as possible. She played junior with the Rangers her first year, then joined the Southern Alberta Women's Hockey League where she played 1 year with the Prowlers, 3 with the Sirens, and this past season with a new team the Beiseker Jets. In 2006 Lindsay received the Harley Hotchkiss Bursary at the Women at Centre Ice awards luncheon for dedication to hockey and academic standing as she was entering her first year at the University of Calgary Medical School. In the fall of 2006 she was instrumental in forming the Class of 2009 Lady Macaque hockey team where she taught 20 hockey novices about the game from how to get dressed to offside to positional play. Her teaching and dedication culminated in a 3-2 victory over the Class of 2010 in [...]


My Hero

    Lindsay Leigh Kimmett was born in Calgary, Alberta. Lindsay lived most of her life in the town of Cochrane. Her parents are my Uncle Kelly and my Aunt Dianne. She had two younger brothers, Taylor and Reid. Lindsay was the first Kimmett grandchild and was adored by everyone in the family. My aunt and uncle couldn't ask for a better daughter. She loved to "mother" her brothers from an early age. As they grew older, Lindsay always liked to help her brothers with their homework. She loved to read her books at bedtime. When she was really young she would ask her parents before her bedtime, "What are we doing tomorrow and what should I dream about?" Lindsay loved helping people throughout her life. She loved her cousins and was always the first one to hold a new cousin, welcoming them into the family. When she was young Lindsay played ringette but she was passionate about hockey and played on a number of hockey teams later on. Sadly, my favorite cousin passed away last year when she was a passenger in a car that went off the road near Cochrane on Feb 17th. While alive, she was always an inspiration to her cousins and all the people that knew her. Her death changed my life forever. I will always remember her and will try to be more like her. Lindsay had many great traits. My favorite ones are: caring, brave, smart, athletic, confident, fun, leader and inspirational. Lindsay cared about people and that [...]

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