You don’t know me nor did I ever have the privilege of meeting Lindsay. I just wanted to say that in reading about Lindsay’s all too short life in the Herald I was inspired by the many accomplishments, the many good deeds, the zest and energy that she was able to pack into so few short years. She must have been a truly remarkable young woman. I have two boys aged 17 and 20 I have clipped both the Herald article and the obituary notice and pinned them to my fridge. I have asked both of my sons to read both articles in the hope that they too will take inspiration from Lindsay’s life and understand that life is short, that we all get to make choices and that those choices determine the kind of life we will lead. I know this must be an unimaginably terrible and tragic time for you all. I hope you can take some small solace and comfort in the fact that Lindsay is a source of inspiration still even to those that never had the good fortune of knowing her.

God Bless

Gunther and Cindy Kruger