ning project at Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. The female dressing rooms at each arena in Cochrane will be dedicated to Lindsay.

While the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation and the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre were the clear winners on the afternoon, Denise Crawford and Don Tannas also left Cochrane Golf Club with a tale to tell their friends. Crawford recorded a hole-in-one at the 115-yard fifth hole, retrieving her tee shot from the bottom of the cup despite a tough pin location at the back of the green. Don Tannas also got into the act, firing an ace from 77 yards out on the seventh hole, where golfers switched balls with a friend. As a result, it was Mike Quinlan making an early trip to the prize table to cash in on Tannas’ incredible aim.
“The Tournament of Aces was a labor of love, an offering from people who cared and who were people that got things done,” said organizing committee co-chair Mike Borody. “The committee of friends caught the idea of a very special fun tournament, a reason to get together, remember, celebrate a life and grow a legacy in Lindsay Leigh Kimmett’s memory. Monumental!”

Lindsay Leigh Kimmett jammed a lifetime of accomplishments into her 26 years, setting a lofty standard in the classroom, on the ice and in the community. After she was tragically taken as the passenger in a single-vehicle collision in February 2008, her family members, classmates and friends vowed to keep her legacy alive. The Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation funds annual scholarships for valedictorians at Cochrane High School and Bow Valley High School and The Dr. Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Prize in Emergency Medicine, which is awarded to a graduating student specializing in emergency medicine from the University of Calgary School of Medicine.

Through the “Lindsay’s Kids” program, the foundation also covers minor hockey registration and equipment costs for young athletes who wouldn’t be able to afford to participate.



On behalf of The Lindsay Leigh Memorial Foundation and the Kimmett family I would like to thank everyone for attending today’s second annual Monumental Tournament of Aces.
The Foundation has been very busy in the last year thanks to the hundreds of Friends of Lindsay which includes everyone here tonight. Besides the over $100k donated to the twin arena project from last year’s golf tournament, valedictorian scholarships are presented yearly at Cochrane High Schools, the Dr. Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Prize in Emergency Medicine was awarded this past May, 6 concrete picnic tables and 3 park benches were dedicated this morning at Mitford Park with proceeds from the Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey Championship, and probably best of all in Lindsay’s mind 4 youngsters ranging in age from 6-14 are playing organized hockey in Cochrane this season due to the Lindsay’s Kids hockey sponsorship program. We are honored to have one of Lindsay’s Kids here this evening – Joshua Wassing age 10. I would like to read Joshua’s application essay which is a requirement of applying for the hockey sponsorship.

Quite simply Joshua you are truly the reason this program exists and we hope you have a great season! Thanks also to Mark Kondrat of Edge Sports for his participation in the Kids program where he provides hockey equipment at cost and is now setting up a used equipment recycling program so more kids can play next year.



So, we have survived another year without our precious Lindsay. It has been a year since the first annual Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Monumental Tournament of Aces and within 6 months the committee was back at work planning the second. I am going to use a phrase that was sent to us by a fellow named Gottfried after a charity dinner “generosity of spirit.” He goes on to say that words are quite limiting – warmth, kindness, caring, compassion, dedication, commitment, unending support are all part of the term generosity of spirit and describe our group of volunteers. They have worked tirelessly to bring you this event. We are sorry that they couldn’t control the weather today. At this time, I would like to acknowledge them and ask that they join us at the podium as their name is called. Tournament founder and co-chairperson Mike Borody and Bev Borody, Tamille Beynon, Pat and Charlie Crutchfield, Ryan Crutchfield, Al and Monique Davies, Maria Desramaux, Marcia and Jerry Gilbertson, Wes Gilbertson, Angela and Russ Kimmett, Reid Kimmett, co-chair Taylor Kimmett, Chad Kossowan, Linda and Denis Marcial, Jocelyn Mattie, Jason Moroz, Brenda and Russ Poffenroth, Craig Vassie, and last but certainly not least Denise Staples! I would also like to acknowledge Keith Dougan, the builder of the chipping house. He and his helpers always exceed expectations when given a task. I need to acknowledge our very dear friends Mitch, Lucie, Kelly and Oliver – they have become an incredibly warm part of our support system.
And then, I would like to thank everyone else, we hope that we haven’t missed anyone in the program. Our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended today, you are all making a difference in helping us to carry on Lindsay’s legacy.

Kelly’s address

I would like to take this time to introduce a few special guests attending this evening – my Mom and Lindsay’s grandma Lorraine Kimmett. Also my Uncle Rae who is 89 years old along with 3 more generations of the Tannas family, cousin Don Tannas, second cousin Scott Tannas, and third cousin Zach Tannas.
While we are on the subject of Uncle Rae I wanted to ask him if he remembers speaking about me at our wedding reception 30 years ago this past August 11. He said at that time that there are 3 basic types of people in this world and they are those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Thankfully he picked the second category as the one I belong to. I have thought about his words many times over the years and have led my life accordingly. You will be pleased Uncle Rae to know that I come from a family of people who make things happen and a lot of them are here tonight Grandma, Uncle Drew & Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Russ & Aunt Angela, Aunt Maureen, and cousin Kelsey. Then Uncle Rae I married a beautiful lady, my wife Dianne who really makes things happen including our 3 precious children Lindsay, Taylor, and Reid who have taken this ideal to a whole new level. Well Uncle Rae I didn’t stop there, as you can see I have surrounded myself with hundreds of wonderful friends, many here tonight and guess what? They all are the type who make things happen. In fact they are making this event happen right now and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. So I would ask all to rise and Uncle Rae and I will give you a round of applause.
Why does one climb a mountain, because it is there? In our case it was because she was there. In late July of 2007 Lindsay and 3 friends climbed Mount Kilimanjaro after completing a 4 week medical school elective in Tanzania. She did it conquering many obstacles on the way not the least of which was a severe case of bronchitis. In May of 2008 our good friend Mitch Makarchuk along with Kelly & Oliver Obermeier of SOK Adventures and friend Lucie Rempal ascended Mount Kilimanjaro carrying a package sent by Dianne and I to be left at Uhuru Peak, the rooftop of Africa. In it was a picture of Lindsay at the peak and on the back we wrote, “Lindsay, We are so proud of all your accomplishments in life. Our friend Mitch is going to carry you to the peak of Kilimanjaro one more time. We hope someday to join you on the peak but will need all of your strength to get us there. All our love, Dad & Mom”
On August 1,2009 at 630 am we joined Lindsay on Uhuru Peak along with Uncle Doug Stauffer the exact day she summitted 2 years before. An email from Mitch on July 31 read, “we all know you’re now closer to the one you’ll always love.” And that is why we climbed a mountain. Just before we introduce our fellow Kilimanjaro climbers I would like to read an email we received last week from our head mountain guide Peter Kisimbo:
“Here is Peter Kisimbo form Tanzania we been together on kili, its long time since we finished our trip. On my side am doing fine with my family, How is your family doing?send my greeting to your wife and your two son,we still remember you guys ,we love each other but the way you did kili for the main purpose,you show us how people we suppose to love each other more than we know how.I hope your safari was good and you went home safely.Am still doing up and down from kili,send my greetings to your family dont forget”
As Mitch told us to climb a mountain all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other. We continue to do that every day in facing our own personal and family Kilimanjaros. We wish the best to everyone gathered here tonight in climbing your own Kili’s.
And now we are privileged to introduce our incredible friends Mitch Makarchuk, Lucie Rempal, and Kelly and Oliver Obermeier of SOK Adventures.

Kilimanjaro Trilogy – Mitch Makarchuk

Oct. 3, 2009

After my first adventure to Tanzania with Kelly and Oliver in 2005, we discussed that at some point we should really climb that little mountain they call Kili to understand why so many talk about it. That planted the seed and in late 2007, Kelly and Oliver began to organize the expedition and asked Lucie and I if we were interested. Well, I can’t speak for Lucie, but I thought the Obermeiers knew me better than to even ask, but they did. And so the training began.
Having never met Lindsay, attending her celebration of life truly demonstrated how her short time here impacted so many people all over the world. I remember being mesmerized by all her photos and achievements on display, and in particular, her certificate for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro.
A few weeks had gone by and while having refreshments after curling one evening, discussion around the table transformed to our upcoming climb of Kilimanjaro. Dianne and Kelly spoke of Lindsay’s own mountain adventure of how she summited just a few months prior. Later on, Dianne and Kelly asked if I would carry a package to the summit and bury it for them to retrieve on their own venture. I graciously accepted and said I would be privileged to do so.
Through many emails, phone calls and training sessions, our plan was finally coming together. During one of those training sessions, I described to Kelly, Oliver and Lucie about this wonderful family named the Kimmetts who had gone through an unimaginable tragedy with the loss of their daughter Lindsay. We learned that Lindsay, while studying to become a doctor, had also spent time in Tanzania working in different hospitals and clinics in Dar es Salaam and Arusha, and had also recently summited Kilimanjaro with her friends in August of 2007. I then spoke of the package that Dianne and Kelly had asked me to bury for them with the goal of retrieving it the following year.
There was no doubt in our minds that we would make it to the top, but after hearing of this request, we now knew we would all be standing on the Roof of Africa on a journey that was now fittingly renamed “The Mission.”
After arriving in Arusha and inspecting our gear to ensure it had safely made the 30 plus hour journey on 6 different aircrafts, we sat down for a quiet dinner. Topics on one side of the table went from, I wonder if our camera batteries will last 7 days, to topics on the other side of the table, Do you think we brought enough toilet paper?, I wonder if we’ll really need to use our trowels. I am thinking it was just another Malarone moment. We’ve learned Malaria medication does have some peculiar side effects.
So 5 days later and with thoughts of Lindsay all on our minds, our group successfully reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on May 11th, 2008, Mother’s Day morning. With the help of Mountain Guide Peter, we buried Dianne and Kelly’s package a few steps away from the summit sign. It was an emotional time for all and one that none of us will soon forget.

Kelly Obermeier’s address

Good evening, We would first like to thank the entire Kimmett Family for inviting us to this wonderful celebration for Lindsay.
This evening, we would like to introduce you to a journey that has been titled “The Trilogy” and share with you a little about each of those journeys.
As you all know, Lindsay successfully reached the summit of Africa’s highest Mountain, Kilimanjaro on August 1st, 2007 with her friends Jess, Will and Jon. She made it to the top against all odds suffering from the affects of Bronchitis to Altitude Sickness. For those of you who are not familiar with Mountain Trekking, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is extremely difficult, and even those who are both physically and mentally prepared have challenges and many do not make it to the top. It is clearly a true statement of Lindsay’s character to not give up and with the help of her friends and guide; she persevered and made it to the summit.
I think Lindsay summed it up pretty well when I read the quote from her journal, which read ‘Overall besides feeling like crap, it was really an amazing experience.” Her statement is an excellent way of describing what it feels like to be at an elevation of over 19.000 ft.
Although it is difficult for us to speak much about the adventure that Lindsay took as we never had the opportunity to meet her, we know that she must have been a very determined and courageous young lady. Every time we speak to Lindsay’s Family, friends or browse her website, we are amazed at the remarkable things that Lindsay accomplished in her life. She was and still is an inspiration to those who knew her and those like ourselves who did not get the opportunity or privilege to have met her.
Our involvement in the Pilgrimage began while meeting Dianne, Kelly and Reid, along with Lindsay’s friends, Joni, Jackie and Brad for a remarkable evening. Over an amazing African meal, good wine and flickering lights, Kelly and Dianne spoke of their plans to travel to Tanzania and join Lindsay at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Over the next few months, emails began to flow back and forth as the planning process took shape.
Before the Kimmetts left on their journey to Tanzania, we got together for a “Send Off” BBQ. The discussion soon led to the Trek while Mitch, Lucie, Oliver and I shared some stories and tales of our trip. I have to admit I was a little worried that we had scared them too much with the gory details of our trek when I received and email from Dianne the next day saying:
“I find that right now my emotions are running between, “What were we thinking??” to “I can’t wait to stand on top.” It was fun to watch you all laughing as you relived your adventure.”
After the group departed for Tanzania, Oliver and I had asked Irene (Our office Manager) to let us know when everyone had arrived safely. Irene sent us a reassuring email that read:
The Kimmetts and Doug, they are all so nice, & Strong enough to do Kili, worry not. Mr. Peter (our Head Mountain Guide) is here he will take care of them hakuna matata.”
Irene was certainly right with this statement and on Aug.1st of this year, Dianne, Kelly, Reid, Taylor and Doug stood at 19.341 ft and retrieved the letter they had written to Lindsay and where she had stood exactly 2 years before.
Dianne, Kelly, Reid, Taylor and Doug, we know the Pilgrimage that you made in order to join Lindsay at the summit was not an easy one. Your unbelievable strength and courage to make this journey is truly remarkable. We know that everyone at home was cheering you on during your trek and Lindsay was with you every step of the way.
So without further ado, we would now like to introduce to you “The Trilogy.”

Please click here to view the “The Trilogy”

The video is approximately 28 minutes long and chronicles the 3 trips to the top of Kilimanjaro in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

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