On perhaps the best golfing day of the season the 3rd. Annual Monumental Tournament of Aces Golf Tournament took place on Saturday, October 2 ,2010 in support of The Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation.

163 golfers took to The Links of Gleneagles lush fairways in search of golf’s most elusive prize, a hole in one. And true to this tournament’s magical reputation three golfers recorded aces. Joe Hossack, Chris Morrison, and Lindsay’s mom Dianne Kimmett all recorded a 1 on their scorecards and increased the total to 7 aces recorded in the tournament’s three editions. A much more important number of $67,000.00 was recorded as the total proceeds to Lindsay’s Foundation which in turn is being donated to Arts & Culture Foundation Cochrane to kickstart the building fund for a new proposed arts centre in the town of Cochrane.

Lindsay, an accomplished pianist who also played flute and piccolo had a deep appreciation for the arts. She enjoyed playing and listening to music, collected art from her world travels, and was a keen patron of live theatre. Saturday’s tournament featured 4 different musical acts, Enzo & the Ferraris warmed up the crowd at registration, the Men of Vision Pipes and Drums piped the golfers out to the course, while Double Play and Tiramisu entertained during the silent auction and dinner.

Painters Janet Armstrong, Marla Blackwell, and Scot Paisley completed paintings during the afternoon which were auctioned later in the evening. A short one act play by Vision Theatre Players entertained the dinner crowd and masks by Shirley Rosin mystified golfers all around the course. Maxine Herbert and Brian Fitzgerald presented the ACFC arts centre proposal which was approved for consideration by town council earlier in the week. Martin Parnell of Marathon Quest 250 completed his 182nd marathon of the year running on the 9th fairway cartpath as the golfers enjoyed the pristine afternoon and views of Cochrane and the Rockies. He was presented with a cheque for $5000.00 from the foundation by Reid Kimmett and Joe MacLellan from proceeds of Kimmett Cup 2 which was held in January of 2010. The third installment of the pond hockey tournament will be held January 22, 2011. The most poignant moment of the evening was the presentation to Kelly and Dianne of an exquisite oil portrait of Lindsay crafted so beautifully by artist Scot Paisley. An exciting live auction conducted by Mr.Stu Bradley and colossal silent auction rounded out the evening. As one excited patron so aptly stated, “This is not just a golf tournament, it is an event!” The organizing committee thanks all of our incredible Monumental and Hole sponsors, volunteers, donors, and all of the golfers for their contributions to this record smashing day both on the course and for the foundation. Thanks for making it a very “good day.”


Lindsay was an amazing individual, beautiful inside and out. She worked diligently to make the world a better place and as a physician would have used her knowledge and compassion to work with the ill and very likely those less fortunate. But Lindsay also had an incredible zest for life. She loved to live, to travel, to party with her multitude of friends, to participate in sports and to attend cultural events. Specifically for several years she happily attended performances with us at Theatre Calgary. Attending ” A Christmas Carole” had become an annual family tradition for us. She saw the beauty in the world which is evidenced in the thousands of photographs that she took and by the art that she collected in her travels. And so it seems fitting that Arts and Culture Cochrane is the benefactor of the 3rd Annual Tournament of Aces. We have many people to thank for their work to make this such a successful day.

Firstly, Lindsay’s Dad to whom it is so important to keep Lindsay’s memory alive. As you all know by the time that E-mails arrived he hasn’t slept much in the past week as he prepared for today. I must add that I am looking forward to seeing the office floor again, it has pretty much been totally covered with papers lately.
And then Lindsay’s brother Taylor. He too puts heart and soul into this day and has lost sleep while thinking of course design and the logistics of setting up this event.
Lindsay’s brother Reid works on the Kimmett Cup committee but he is a constant source of emotional support for us as this event comes together.

Then there is the planning committee, most of whom have been involved since the inception of this event. I am mentioning them in no particular order as they are all vital to the Tournament of Aces.
Mike and Bev Borody – Mike has been very efficient at keeping everyone on task at planning meetings.
Ryan and Maria Crutchfield – Maria is an unbelievable organizer and if you are ever planning an event you want her on your team.
Denis and Linda Marcial – Denis is the money man and there are constant Excel flow sheets being sent between him and Kelly.
Pat and Charlie Crutchfield
Al  and Monique Davies
Jerry and Marcia Gilbertson
Russ and Brenda Poffenroth
Jocelyn Mattie who wins the prize for the first to have her paperwork done.
Denise Staples – the decorator extraordinaire. She is the one responsible for all of the table decorations and all of the other fall decorating that you see throughout the room. You need to know that each little easel on those centerpieces was hand painted by Denise and those pins actually make music. I suspect that there were many nights that she was burning the midnight oil.
Kevin and Karen Foudy
Gary and Valerie Vassie who were new to the planning committee this year but quickly became a very valuable asset on the team.
Wes Gilbertson – our PR man
Craig Vassie
Russ and Angela Kimmett – although they don’t attend meetings they do play a huge role in rallying the Springbank community around our cause.
And finally Maxine Herbert. She has absolutely wholeheartedly thrown her support behind this event. She is the president of the Arts and Culture Foundation and has rallied the artists within our community to be part of today. Maxine, as a token of our appreciation for everything you have done, we would like you to take this beautiful bouquet created by Valerie Vassie.Â

Lindsay’s Grandma Lorraine is with us.
Lindsay’s aunt and uncle Rhonda and Drew are here. They bring Canmore flair to this event.
Lindsay’s cousin Kelsey has driven from the booming metropolis of Fox Creek to be with us today. She and Lindsay were as close to sisters as either of them were ever going to have.
Lindsay’s aunt Maureen drove from Edmonton today and she wins the prize for the first one to get her registration in every year.
To all of those couples or individuals listed above, we ask that you take one of the table centerpieces as a token of our appreciation.
And then there are all of the unsung heroes, all of the volunteers eager to help. They are too numerous to mention individually but you know who you are. I do want to recognize Steve and Dixie Kossowan for the photographic skills that they have shared with us in the past 2 years. We would like you to also take a bouquet home with you.
We also thank all of the donors for their very generous donations which make our auction a work of art. And finally we thank all of you who participated today. As with any large event, we could not have pulled it off without each and every one of you. To all of the golfers – without your incredible support of the tournament none of this is possible. Thank you for caring. Thank you for helping us to carry on Lindsay’s legacy. We hope you enjoyed your day. And one more thing, Lindsay’s life was snuffed out on February 17, 2008 by a speeding distracted driver. As you know legislation is currently being discussed provincially to pass distracted driving laws. We have thrown our support behind the absolute necessity of this law. I ask all of you in Lindsay’s memory to drive safely. Keep your minds, eyes and hands focused on the road while behind the wheel. Put a message on cell phones that you will call back because you are driving or away from the phone. Lead by example and teach your children the same. The consequences of distracted driving are devastating. We know.


Welcome everyone! What an incredible day! Much more pleasurable golfing without longjohns, parkas and toques. I am here tonight to bring you up to date on the Foundation’s activities since last year’s tournament. Last year’s completion of a 2 year commitment to the Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Centre resulted in $159,000.00 being donated to the cause. All 3 Cochrane High Schools now receive $1000.00 valedictorian scholarships and the Dr. Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Prize in Emergency Medicine was presented to Dr. Kip Rogers of the Class of 2010.

The Kimmett Cup as you heard made more improvements to Mitford Park, contributed to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund and the donation tonight to Martin’s unbelievable journey –  you my friend are a true Canadian hero! In August a new event organized by Mark Kondrat of Edge Sports called The Road Rash Street Hockey Classic contributed funds to the foundation and also collected used hockey equipment for needy children. On October 23 GryzkoHarperBouw chartered accountants will be holding their second annual Poker Tournament at Stoney Nakoda Resort Casino with this year’s proceeds flowing to Lindsay’s Foundation. The Kimmett family is proud to be funding part of the The Lindsay Project. This is an unbelievable new computerized teaching system being developed at the University of Calgary. We believe that next year’s tournament will focus on this initiative which will provide enhanced education for the physicians of tomorrow. This in turn will lead to better outcomes for you and I.
Lindsay’s Kids hockey is sponsoring 6 children this season providing equipment and paying for registrations. Again this is the program that really tugs at the heart strings and the one that Lindsay would have loved the most. I would like to read an email we received in September.

My name is JP and I am the parent of one of the children you have sponsored through Lindsay’s Kids for Cochrane Minor Hockey.  He received his equipment earlier this week and I have had an incredible time getting him to take it off. He’s even attempted to sleep in it. He is so excited!  I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful opportunity. I was told by a friend that you worked in the downtown pharmacy and I stopped in yesterday to thank you personally but missed you. I hope this email reaches you safe and sound as an alternate. Thank you so very much. As a parent I cannot imagine what you have gone through but your kindness and consideration is outstanding”

Yes JP, it is very hard to imagine what we as a family have and continue to go through every day. “Have a good day.” How many times have you heard or used the universal greeting. After February 17 this innocuous little greeting took on huge significance for me. I wish so bad to have a good day but they are few and far between. Today however is a good day, a great day because of all of you here today supporting the foundation but far more importantly supporting our family again. Today is a great day because my Mom is celebrating her 61st wedding anniversary. Congratulations. I wish that Dad and Linds were here with us to celebrate. Today is a great day because all of you here today, all of our sponsors, all of our donors are here with one purpose – to give.

As we grow older I have come to realize what our 2 hands are for 1 to take care of ourselves and 1 to take care of others. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have hatched a plan called the “Giving Pledge” wherein 38 billionaires have agreed to donate at least 50% of their assets to charity – 600 billion dollars. You may say, well if they are doing that, what good are my contributions? They are every bit as important, smaller but so critically significant. I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can contribute to many charitable initiatives but I am far more proud of the number of people who have been inspired to join me along the way.

Just think what this world could be if everyone was inspired to give. Tonight’s proceeds are being donated to Arts and Culture Cochrane Foundation in the hopes a Performing Arts Centre can be built in Cochrane. Imagine the possibilities, exciting stage productions, concerts, education, artisan shops, and a thriving entertainment district right here in Cochrane. Rosebud west? This town is filled with creative people but we have lost so many of our younger generation who must leave Cochrane to follow their dreams. We can bring them home, we can make this town even more unique and beautiful, a place that people want to visit for more than great ice cream. We can do so much, all it takes is everybody.
On the second last night of her life Lindsay attended a John Mellencamp concert. I  look at the pictures of that evening often, they were the last pictures taken of Lindsay, she looked like she was having a great time and was so happy. She loved attending Theatre Calgary with Dianne and I and we still keep our 4 season’s tickets, it is impossible to let them go. Lindsay was an accomplished pianist, played flute and piccolo and left behind a huge collection of music and movies. She would wholeheartedly approve of the cause we are all supporting here tonight.
Tonight you are part of the “Giving Pledge.” Remember all it takes is everybody.


Good evening. My name is Maria Crutchfield, and I am one of the co-chairs of the Monumental Tournament of Aces along with Taylor Kimmett & Mike Borody.  Firstly, I would like to thank all of the golfers and participants who joined us today at another awesome Monumental Tournament of Aces.  Secondly, the Monumental sponsorship we received this year is above and beyond what we could have ever expected. This is a characteristic that was demonstrated by Lindsay every day – going above and beyond.
Last year, the Monumental Tournament of Aces was fortunate enough to have the support of 10 Monumental Sponsors. This year, we surpassed our goal and have 19 Monumental Sponsors.  With their support alone we are at nearly half the amount we raised in 2009.
I joined the Cochrane community as an outsider. I was raised in Calgary, and when I met my husband who grew up in Cochrane, the community welcomed me with open arms. They have been very generous and supportive, and this doesn’t stop just with immediate community members. This is exemplified by the unbelievable support you have shown the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation.

A big thanks needs to be given to the following sponsors. Please stand as I introduce you and one of our committee members will present you with a framed certificate recognizing your tremendous contribution to today’s tournament: 373141 Alberta Limited – Glenn and Kathy Jones, Amelco Electric – Mark & Pam Morrill, Apotex – David Vallance, Carraig Ridge, The Crutchfield Family, The Cochrane Eagle- Jack & Brenda Tennant, Cobalt Pharmaceuticals – Mel Youngberg, The Cochrane Lions Club – Rich Bach The Davies Family, Erven Planning- Rick & Shelley Erven, Fauth Financial Group- Vern & Sherry Fauth, GryzkoHarperBouw Chartered Accountants – Glen Gryzko & Wes Bouw, Ron & Sheila Jacobsen; Russ, Angela, Hunter, McConnell & Carly Kimmett; The Marcial family, Mainstreet Pharmacy _ Ian & Mia Kruger, Rennaisance Enterprises – Gary Vassie, Suncor Energy- Kaili Dale & Don Knudson, and Tim Hortons – Nancy Etcheverry & Jeff Woolcott. Many of these sponsors are first time donors, and some are returning for their second and third year, and we thank you for your continued support.

It is truly rare to find something you can throw yourself into with such conviction, and these Monumental Sponsors have done so.  You have shown us that the Cochrane community is growing everyday and we can rely on each other for help when needed. Going forward, I would like to refer to the Cochrane community as the Cochrane Family. Each of our monumental sponsors has donated to this worthy foundation with the thought of family in mind. When we are all committed to something together as a family, this is how we achieve the lofty goals that are set for us.
If there is one thing we can take from Lindsay’s life – it is that we must support one another and treat each other as family. This is something that Lindsay lived every day through her studies at Medical school, playing on her hockey and ringette teams or volunteering in Tanzania. She was truly a remarkable person, and so are our Monumental Sponsors.
Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to even more success in 2011.