Thank you Kelly and  Dianne for asking me to speak today.  You are incredible people and wonderful friends and I am truly honored.



Kelly and Dianne have created many great recipes over the years for all of their family and friends to enjoy, but the best one of all is the one which I will share with you today. How to make an Angel. To start combine equal portions of the finest Kimmett and Stauffer genes. Gently mix in a combination of nurturing, caring, sharing and love. Add to the mixture 2 big little brothers that need care, guidance and a role model.  For a little extra spice you can even throw in a Keyshond named Kaysi and some kittens. Oh and don’t forget to blend in lots of family vacations that will help build a lifetime of memories. Warm your home, open your arms to all you know so she understands the importance of good times and  good friends. Balance the fun and laughter with a strong work ethic and expose her to as many activities as is humanly possible. Build a large fire to fuel her never ending desire to learn but be warned that once started it will be impossible to extinguish. All the while ensure an environment of unconditional parental support  regardless of the decisions she has made. A pinch of patience wouldn’t hurt either especially through those challenging teenage years. Take pride in her accomplishments and she will gain confidence but don’t let her rest on her laurels.  Encourage her to reach for the stars. In time your Angel will be making her own decisions.  You will know your support and opinions are still important even if she doesn’t need them quite as often. At this stage your Angel is ready and it is time to share her with the world . Remember she will want to inspire as many people as possible, to be the very best they can be thanks to your tireless efforts and unwavering love.  Kelly and  Dianne’s angel was Lindsay. How proud you should be. There had to be some reason Lindsay was taken from them so soon, it just might be that even God couldn’t get the recipe for an Angel this perfect. We miss you Linds and will love you always.


Thank you.