Jess Brown’s Eulogy to Linds

I've had the privilege of knowing Lindsay for the past year and a half'  We began as medical school classmates but quickly developed a strong friendship'  I am honored to be the one to tell you a little about the Lindsay that the Class of 2009 affectionately known as the Macaques has known and loved' The U of C med school has many traditions including the creation of class hockey jerseys and nicknaming of each student.  Monumental was Lindsay's jersey name and was originally meant to tease her about a crush she had on one of our preceptors.  Little did we know it would become a testament to how Lindsay lived her life. Lindsay was monumental in her generosity.  The first party she hosted was a Thanksgiving dinner in Cochrane for classmates that were not able to be with their families.  She insisted on preparing everything herself and refused to accept money to offset the cost of groceries and the end result was always an incredible meal.  Recognizing that even more people would attend if celebrated prior to the holidays the infamous "pre-parties" began and they continued even up until that final Sunday. Lindsay was monumental in her perseverance.  Lindsay, I and two other classmates naively signed up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this past summer.  Plagued by stomach upset, bronchitis and altitude sickness Linds made it to within minutes from the top before collapsing.  I asked her if we should turn back but she insisted, "I want to go on."  I took her hand and [...]


Doug and Brianne’s Eulogy

I am deeply honoured and humbled to be standing here before you today speaking on behalf of my family and sharing a few memories of our granddaughter, niece and cousin. I am Lindsay's Uncle Doug and the beautiful woman beside me is Lindsay's cousin Brianne. The family gathered over the week and one thing we did was to write down words which embodied who Lindsay was to us Some of these words were Loving Kind Caring Dedicated Intelligent (definitely in books, most certainly in life) Adventurous Generous Playful Athletic Reliable Dependable Hard working and Beautiful inside and out Over the years I witnessed her generosity, kindness and caring with her cousins. I watched her teaching her brothers and cousins and I saw Lindsay excelling at everything she did. Once she set her mind on something there was no stopping her. I knew these traits were needed to be a great doctor. "Lindsay, you really should go to medical school." That statement was included in almost every conversation we had from the time she was a teenager. I would take every opportunity to ask her when she was going to apply for med school. At one point I even resorted to trying to guilt her into going. My argument was that she had to do something with the smarts she had been blessed with, that the world needed her and being a doctor would be a good use of this gift. I don't know what eventually made her decide to go but I'd like to [...]


Reid’s Eulogy

My farewell to my big sister, my friend... Over the past few days as I've sat in silence reflecting, remembering and thinking of you. There is one thing that always seems to stand out. It's the way that as long as I can remember back you've been looking out for me, caring for me, helping me and teaching me. I look back fondly at the times you'd create lesson plans and homework for me. After I'd finish you'd give me a report card to let me know how I was doing, to be honest though I think your grade scale was a little biased, you always seemed to give me good grades. I guess that was your way of encouraging me. I also remember spending countless hours in your room pestering you to help me with my homework. I'm still amazed at the grades you were able to achieve with me constantly bugging and interrupting you. The crazy thing is you'd never turn me away you'd sit there and answer my questions all day if that's how long it took. I guess at some point a little of your intelligence wore off on me. I like to think that a lot of your characteristics have. You've always been a role model to me, someone that I try to emulate. I've admired how adventurous, caring, compassionate, athletic, driven humble and unbelievably smart you are. You and I have always had a quite a relationship. Our friendship means so much to me. We used to be [...]


Denis Marcial

Thank you Kelly and  Dianne for asking me to speak today.  You are incredible people and wonderful friends and I am truly honored.     Kelly and Dianne have created many great recipes over the years for all of their family and friends to enjoy, but the best one of all is the one which I will share with you today. How to make an Angel. To start combine equal portions of the finest Kimmett and Stauffer genes. Gently mix in a combination of nurturing, caring, sharing and love. Add to the mixture 2 big little brothers that need care, guidance and a role model.  For a little extra spice you can even throw in a Keyshond named Kaysi and some kittens. Oh and don't forget to blend in lots of family vacations that will help build a lifetime of memories. Warm your home, open your arms to all you know so she understands the importance of good times and  good friends. Balance the fun and laughter with a strong work ethic and expose her to as many activities as is humanly possible. Build a large fire to fuel her never ending desire to learn but be warned that once started it will be impossible to extinguish. All the while ensure an environment of unconditional parental support  regardless of the decisions she has made. A pinch of patience wouldn't hurt either especially through those challenging teenage years. Take pride in her accomplishments and she will gain confidence but don't let her rest on her laurels.  [...]



I would like to begin by saying that this is not a typical eulogy. Although I feel deep sorrow as I know everyone else does this is not what I will be speaking about. I will be sharing family memories of Lindsay and I invite you to join us in the celebration of her life. At two weeks of age the family agreed that Lindsay was the cutest Kimmett ever born. At age five they knew she was the smartest. Lindsay's beauty as a baby child and woman was stunning. Her cheekbones were the envy of many and her beautiful smile constantly reassured those around her that everything would be alright. But not all of Lindsay's traits were so delicate. She came from a long line of homerun hitters with the Kimmett trait "Big Shoulders." Her Great Grandpa Hunter Eugene, her Grandpa Bill, her Dad Kelly, her Uncle Russ, her brothers Taylor and Reid were all known to hit the long ball out of the park. They had to, they couldn't run! Although Lindsay never played much baseball she had those Kimmett shoulders and she could carry the world on them. This was one of many family traits that Lindsay inherited from the Kimmetts. Another trait was her ability to retain a multitude of meaningless trivia giving her a clear advantage in family games of trivial pursuit and Cranium. You always gave an inward "yes!!" whenever Lindsay was on your team because you were pretty much guaranteed to win. Unlike the average Kimmett, Lindsay managed [...]


Taylor’s Eulogy

When my mom and dad approached me about speaking today I was quite apprehensive and to be honest I was terrified. So I began to think what I wanted to say and how I could possibly find the words to honor such a wonderful sister. It came to me that maybe the best way for me to honor her would be to relive one of her greatest accomplishments and something that we are all so proud of her for. So I have chosen to read some excerpts from her valedictorian address from her high school graduation in 1999.I have to apologize though as the last person who was in this gym reading this had far better grades than me and was much better looking. I would like to begin by saying that this is not a typical speech for a graduation. Although I do feel excitement as I am sure everyone else does at moving on to a new stage in life that is not what I will be speaking about. And although I do wish for everyone here to reach for the stars that is not what I will be speaking of either. Over the past 13 years of education all of us have learned a tremendous amount. However, I hope that we have learned more than how to solve and algebra equation, write an English essay or determine the answer to a science problem. I hope that we have learned among other things to be humble. If we learn nothing else from the [...]


Dr. Bruce Wright Associate Dean, School of Medicine

I am honored to be here. When Kelly asked me to do it I sat down and I tried to put  into words - grief - the feelings of our Med School through this terrible loss. Sometimes words are inadequate, words cannot begin to describe the true meaning, the terribleness, the depth of grief. So I gave up writing and I went back to something that I first thought to do. In Medicine we are told that there is power in story. There is power in narrative. There is power in continuing the story. So I am going to tell you my story. I invite you all to think of your story while I am telling mine. I invite you to share your story with everyone in the next week. in the next month and for years coming even if they don't want to hear it. Tell them Lindsay was quite involved with the Ice Bowl. She came up to me prior to it actually happening and said we are short a team so I would like you to help us out with a Faculty team. I said OK and spent some time putting together a team. Two days before Ice Bowl Lindsay came up to me looked me straight in the eye and said we don't need the Faculty team anymore. I am Associate Dean so I will tell you what I am used to. I am used to a little groveling.  I am sorry, Dr Wright sorry to put you out it must [...]

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