My farewell to my big sister, my friend…

Over the past few days as I’ve sat in silence reflecting, remembering and thinking of you. There is one thing that always seems to stand out.

It’s the way that as long as I can remember back you’ve been looking out for me, caring for me, helping me and teaching me. I look back fondly at the times you’d create lesson plans and homework for me. After I’d finish you’d give me a report card to let me know how I was doing, to be honest though I think your grade scale was a little biased, you always seemed to give me good grades. I guess that was your way of encouraging me. I also remember spending countless hours in your room pestering you to help me with my homework. I’m still amazed at the grades you were able to achieve with me constantly bugging and interrupting you. The crazy thing is you’d never turn me away you’d sit there and answer my questions all day if that’s how long it took. I guess at some point a little of your intelligence wore off on me. I like to think that a lot of your characteristics have. You’ve always been a role model to me, someone that I try to emulate. I’ve admired how adventurous, caring, compassionate, athletic, driven humble and unbelievably smart you are.

You and I have always had a quite a relationship. Our friendship means so much to me. We used to be like peas and carrots as Forrest Gump said but over the past few years we’ve drifted slightly as we both pursued different academic and travel interests. Despite this I know that one day we’ll meet again and be closer than ever. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll reminisce and get caught up on all that’s happened. Until that day Linds, see you later.

So now I carry on without my friend, role model and teacher. But I’ll be okay. You’ve shown me so much. I’ll continue to follow you and everything you’ve taught me and don’t worry about me Linds. I’ll be fine.

You’re the best big sister a kid could ask for.

I’ve always been so proud of you.

I love you.